YANMAR Engine Harnesses


At AmFor Electronics, we custom manufacture a full line of engine, control panel and extension harnesses for YANMAR Industrial Engines. If you are an engine distributor or an OEM and are working on adding a YANMAR engine to your equipment, we can help. There is a good chance we already manufacture a base engine wiring harness for your type of engine. If not, we are very adept at working from your drawings, sample or description to build a prototype. We can also send you a base harness to modify for your application and send back to us for production.

We also make control panel wire harnesses to connect to most of the major control panel manufacturers products. If your control panel will be remote located from your engine, we can design and manufacture an extension harness to fit your exact needs.

Because we already manufacture a large array of YANMAR Engine Harnesses, we stock a majority of the connectors and wire needed for your application. This reduces our lead times and allows us to provide samples and support to your application engineers for prototype builds.

Call today and talk with one of our Account Managers to see how we can support you. 503-235-1038 ext. 1.

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