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Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies

As leading-edge experts in the industry, we stay abreast of all the latest wire harness component and assembly technologies. We invest heavily in manufacturing equipment that allows our people to produce the highest quality products efficiently and cost-effectively.

All cable and wire harness assemblies are manufactured to IPC 620 standards. Wire types used range from 28 gauge to 4/0 cable, with both sealed and unsealed connector systems. Use of sonic welding allows us to fuse both similar and dissimilar metals with welds that are typically stronger than crimped or spliced joints, are high in conductivity, and will not oxidize.

The assemblies we produce typically become part of our customers’ finished goods. As such, we manufacture to our customers’ specifications in order to meet the standards of certifications (such as UL, CE or CSA) of their completed products. We maintain a First Article Approval Process. All products are assembled using lean manufacturing best practices, such as single piece flow, to assure the highest levels of responsiveness and product quality.

Markets served:

  • Industrial Engines
  • Construction equipment manufacturers
  • Agricultural equipment manufacturers
  • Automotive aftermarket OEMs
  • Instrument panel OEMs
  • Electric vehicle manufacturers

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