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Our engineers look at every project to find ways we might improve manufacturability, serviceability and supply chain efficiency. We quote and assemble from your design, but we also offer engineering support and collaboration, as well as design recommendations that might make what you asked for even better.

We have all the tooling and machinery you’d expect, including some of the most advanced equipment in the industry. Our workforce is cross-trained so that a manufacturing cell is never down. We see responsiveness to customer needs and changes as paramount to our company’s success.

Our unique method of computerized electronic testing makes quality assurance both simpler and more accurate.

First article approval is standard procedure, but we also offer multi-part first order approval when needed.

We understand our customers’ engineering departments are busy juggling lots of projects. If anything ever slips through the cracks, we’re there to catch it. As your purchasing department will soon learn, we deliver the right mix of cost-competitiveness, timeliness, and responsiveness.

We see ourselves as consultative contract manufacturers – Contact Us by Email or call at 1 800 242 6367

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