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As a buyer, we know you like flexibility, timeliness and dependability, all with no surprises.

First article approval process? Standard procedure. On-time delivery? Of course. Change orders? Our lean manufacturing model gives us the flexibility to make changes on the fly. We are committed to quick turnaround on RFQs/RFPs. You’ll get confirmation on receipt of every purchase order.

Our manufacturing process ensures top quality while maximizing flexibility. All products are continually inspected at each step in the assembly process and no product is shipped without final inspection.

We maintain a large inventory of wire, terminals, and connectors for faster production turnaround on most orders. With two shifts and the ability to add a third, production capacity is simply not a problem.

All floor personnel are cross-trained so we can avoid production disruptions and each customer has multiple points of contact with customer service teams empowered to instantly resolve any issues that come up along the way.

Last but certainly not least, every quote will include the information you asked for, as well as any suggestions we might have that could save time, money, or both, on your order.

In short, we make your purchasing job a lot easier.

Need any more reasons to let us quote your next project? Give us a call:

800-242-6367 (North America) or 503-235-1038.

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