Error Code 20:

Error Code 20 is an error that comes about during the Starter Harness Test.

To resolve the error code:

  • Check 20-amp resettable circuit breaker on back of machine – There is a 20-amp circuit breaker located on the lower panel on the back of the tester, ensure that the plunger is recessed to its housing, and reset the button if needed.
  • Check 5-amp Fuse on MCU Board – The 5-amp fuse located at the front of the MCU board is labeled “SOLENOID”, check this fuse for visual damage, but always use a multi-meter to be sure. If the fuse is damaged, replace with identical 5-amp blade fuse.

If this does not clear your Error Code 20, please call us at 1.800.242.6367 for assistance.